All about love


I gave you everything
Until I can give no more
Everything is now fading away

I’m still bleeding
Will I still get see you someday?

I will never fly again
Will never touch the sky
My wings are broken

I’m crying my heart out
Since the day you cut me open

All about love

Forever’s a Myth

I thought it’s you
I’m gonna dance forever with
Until you’ve proven me
That happy ever after
Is just a myth

All about love


You disconnected quite too quick
Disappeared even before I can blink
Until the end I thought you’d stick
Now my sanity is at the brink

I swear from the heavens above
You’re worse than thunders and rain
You’re not worthy of my love
Not worthy of my pain

All about love

Take A Deep Breath

Time to wake up
And stop myself
From dreaming

Take a deep breath
Become alive
And keep surviving

Get up and stand tall
Chase the rainbows
And start believing

All about love

The Biggest Lie

The biggest lie I told myself
Is that I no longer love you
I had this heart hidden on a shelf
But this is still longing for you

I am such in a big mess
Of moving on and healing
But the fact that you care less
Left this heart bruised and bleeding

All about love

Day In A Life

Some days you laugh, some days you cry
Sometimes you just feel like giving up
Some days low and some days high
Sometimes you don’t feel like getting up

Some days you smile, some days you grin
Sometimes you’re everything in between
Some days lose and some days win
Sometimes you just have to give in

Some days are smooth, some days are rough
Sometimes you have to learn to be tough
Some days more some days few
Sometimes you have to start anew

Some days dark and some days light
Sometimes you don’t give up the fight
Some days are bad, some days are good
Sometimes everything is at it should

Some days you hate, some days you love
Sometimes you beg from up above
Some days warm and some days cold
Sometimes you just let life unfold

All about love

Rain Go Away

The rain consumed my dreams and bliss
I want this to end soon and go away
Rain is the reminder of the things I miss
And how I used to love you every single day

Tonight, rain is pouring down from the sky
Memories of you came rushing through
Like the rain, a tear fell from my eye
Inevitably, this heart searched for you

All about love

My Person

I cried for the wrong reason
Dwelled with agony
For quite too long
Then came to realization
That since day one
You were never my person

In loving you
I did not lack
Go on your way
And never come back
I want to be alone
And get back on track

If someone ask you
Tell them I’ll be just fine
It’s easy to explain
You are no longer mine
Have fun out there
And this – this is the end of the line

All about love

Getting There

Crawled up in my bed
At three in the morning
This is not the life
I imagined to led

Everything’s a mess
This is not what I deserve
I deserve to be loved
And nothing less

It’s half past three
Looked myself at the mirror
I don’t know the girl
This is not I used to be

Broken pieces everywhere
Time to pick them up
It’s time to heal
I must say, I’m closely getting there

All about love

End of Sorrow

Hey self, pick up the pieces already
Storm has passed and you’re now steady
Your heart now knows no hurt and sorrow
You can give cupid now back its arrow

Hush now and start all over again
You’ll get there, though you don’t know when
Witness now all the mornings you’ve missed
And let your skin be sunshine kissed