All about love

In Between

In the middle of loneliness, I found you
In the moment of bitterness, I found you
I did my best to survive when I felt so low
I’ve never felt so alive when you said hello

Will you still love me in the morning?
In the break of dawn I saw you leaving
There was silence and a tear in my eye
I found you between hello and goodbye

All about love

I love you (still)

I know “I love you” is not a question

But why does it hurt so bad

When you don’t get an answer? 😢

All about love

Chances are

Never a day without thinking of you
I’m wondering what you’re doing
Do you think of me in the morning?
Or do you somehow miss me, too?

I wish I did not let you go
I wish I held on a little tighter
Now my life is a lot quieter
But I don’t have a happy glow

I had my chance with you
But I blew it, this I know
Now I’m lost nowhere to go
My sun is dark, no more moonlight, too

All about love

Hardest Goodbye

I miss our late night talks
As if there’s no tomorrow
Laughters and long walks
Now I’m filled with sorrow

I miss you calling my name
Cheering me up when I am blue
It’s not gonna be the same
Everyday I’m missing you

Sometimes I blame the rain
For bringing back memories of old
I guess I’ll get used to the pain
But will never heal, truth be told

All about love

I’m OK

I won’t talk to you about us I’m not yet ready for the pain I won’t force you to speak up I will save you from all this fuss I won’t ask where you’ve…

I’m OK
All about love

Promise of the Heart

I can feel the gentle breeze of the wind blowing on my face And the tree from my yard is dancing with all its grace The eagles are soaring so high in…

Promise of the Heart
All about love

Roller Coaster Of Life

Save me from this roller coaster of emotions
My sanity is hanging by a thread
Tired of chaos and all of these commotions
I lost count of the days I have bled

Didn’t imagine my life would be this low
Since I lost you I lived in paranoia
I have to face my own demon, I know
But I can’t escape from nostalgia

The pain of losing you cuts like a knife
I imagined growing old by your side
Truly this is a roller coaster of life
Either you scream or enjoy the ride

All about love

Lois and Clark

Superheroes are not real until you came
You are to the rescue every time I fail
I didn’t even have to call your name
You’re always there even before I wail

But then you left, I’m frail and vulnerable
You are now someone else’s Superman
I feel like dying, the pain is unbearable
I wail silently and you don’t give a damn

Damsel in distress, waiting in the dark
I hope you save me before I come undone
I still want to tell you what Lois tells Clark
I will always love you second to none

All about love

Unknow you

How do you unknow a person?
The first person you talk to in morning light
And the last when you kiss the world goodnight

How do you unknow a person
Who’s voice calms you and make you feel better?
Someone you feel you have known forever

How do you unknow a person
Who made you believe in pixie dusts and magic, too?
Love, I will never unknow you

All about love


In my chest lies
The thorn you’ve pierced
From forever ago

My throat hurts
From crying all night
I just can’t let go

Scars become wounds again
I’m falling to pieces
Before I can fall asleep